6 in 6 Minutes with Zach

Danial -“Good afternoon! Today we’re here with Zach. How are you feeing?”

“I’m doing great. I feel great!” – Zach

Danial – “Zach, how do you yourself, already use digital media?”

“I don’t use much, but I did use it to make a collage. I only ever use Photoshop.” – Zach

Danial – “That’s interesting. What is something you want to learn this year?”

“I’m interested in video editing, but I want to be able to edit real life photos.” – Zach

Danial – “I love video editing! What is your Dream Job?”

“Cooking. It is an art all in itself. I like physical things.” – Zach

Danial – “Food is a necessity. If you could be an animal what would you be?”

“Definitely an otter. They’re so free and they hold hands when they sleep.” – Zach

Danial – “That’s adorable! What is your favorite clothing article?”

“Shoes without a doubt! Clarks are currently my favorite.” – Zach

Danial – “Who doesn’t love shoes? Lastly, what television character do you identify as?”

“Louis C. K. because he is a mess. His view of the world is interesting.” – Zach

Danial – “Thank you Zach for being on the show!”

“Thanks for having me!” – Zach


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