An Interview With Vanessa

Today in Digital Media, I met with Vanessa for the first time. I learned that she does not use digital media often as an artist, but more of an observer. While she would like to learn more about how to use it in the future, she watches people use it on Buzzfeed and YouTube currently. In this class, she is coming in with an open mind. She wants to learn how to use Photoshop, but is not expecting to be a professional with it. She also enjoys the video aspect of the course, like editing and revising.

Since Vanessa is a fan of films, she would love to be part of a film team as her dream job. Some of her favorite films are Wes Anderson films, Steven Spielberg films, and indie films. If she could be an animal, she would be either an owl or koala. Vanessa has been working out lately, so her favorite piece of clothing would have to be sweatpants. And finally, if she had to be a TV or video game character, she would sometimes be Dwight Schrute from The Office, and sometimes she would be Jim Halpert.


Interview conducted by Mia Salivate


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