A Day in the Life of Danial

Up and coming director and filmmaker Danial has a busy schedule producing his latest skate film “Happy Feet”. We were lucky enough at wordpress to be able to fit a one on one interview with the visionary himself. From the interview we gained insight to a typical day of Danial.

6am: I’m an early riser. I believe the best way to get the most out of life is to be on a schedule. To stay on this schedule I use my favorite piece of technology, an apple watch. If you don’t have a watch you end up taking life as it goes.

6:30am: After a quick breakfast I like to catch up on the news, alongside watching a few episodes of Spongebob. It’s my guilty pleasure, but is necessary to keep my outlook of life lighthearted. Also Spongebob and patrick can be some highly relatable characters if you’re me!

7:30am: I arrive to work pretty early but lucky for me my office is the streets. I have to arrive early to make the most out of my day since skateboard filming is based on sunlight. Filming some of the best skateboarders in the world is my passion. I am able to travel to cities all over and never get bored.

8pm:  After a long day of filming I watch a lot of movies to get inspired. I recently watched “Happy Feet” where is where the title for my latest film actually came from!

*A lot of my day is keeping myself young and inspired. Without passion I would not be able to create the caliber of films I do, nor would I want to! I am living the dream and hope it continues.




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