Menchaca & Gonzalez @ UConn CAG

I am most interested in this piece titled “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” by Michael Menchaca because it is relatable and how I understand portrays a lot that is happening in todays politics. Although Pokemon Go was a major success in its debut, it lived for a very short life before people stopped playing it. There is still a large following, but it had began to die down by the end of 2016. Menchaca’s screen print displays the Pokemon Go Plus logo in its original style as well as one with white and red stripe as if it were portraying the American flag. You can also see what appears to be robot cops with white faces and guns pointed ahead of them. In some instances the robot cops are kneeling whilst holding their guns out. There are also clouds and several similar looking beings with headdresses of birds and all black bodies. There is one supreme bird in the center of the screen print that stands above the clouds as if it relied on the clouds to move and hover over everything else in the print. This supreme being has a white head or headdress that is quite disproportionate to its body. It almost features a sheep-like texture. I feel as thought this portrays the police brutality and how cops are being exposed through their body cams as well as witnesses of the uncivilized acts they are being accused of. The overuse of the red and white stripes gives it that Americanized feel and it makes this print really stand out. As I was walking into the CAG that was the first image that caught my eye because of its color and because it was position directly in my line of sight. It was a joy to attend and I hope to see more of his and Gonzalez’s work here at UConn!


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