Visual Analysis

Interaction I

 Michael Menchaca and Suzy Gonzalez

This piece of art is called interaction I and it was designed and painted by Suzy Gonzalez and Michael Menchaca. The artwork displays a collage of different characters with repetitive colors of red, green, blue, and yellow. What drew my attention towards this artwork were the colors used in this painting and the painting style. The painting style is very random and provides different character with different emotions. Some are looking at the couple kissing while others are looking at the viewer. Even though the artwork seems complex there is some sort of simplicity through the usage of colors. The repetitive colors of yellow, green, red, and blue can be appealing to the eye and smooth towards the artists craft. There seems to be a lot of shock in this painting towards the couple kissing which says something about the disapproval in these character. All of sudden, the big yellow object seems prepared to lance itself on the couple while holding a sword and the word ‘really’ makes more sense to some of the characters shock.  I also like that some of these characters are smiling at the viewer convincing us to look further into the painting. Overall, a part of me believes that this was a plain and simple interaction between the two artists and that not much was intended from this painting. However, the different emotions assures me that there is more going in this painting.  Maybe they intended to portray the lack of acceptance that exist in our community and society and how each and everyone of us have different opinions on different matters ,hence the different emotions portrayed in this painting.

Vanessa Fitzcordoba


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