“Gotta Catch ’em All” is a piece by Michael Menchaca that ties two main occurrences during the summer of 2016. When I looked into the CAG gallery, this was the first thing I saw. It drew me in due to the bright color choices and theme. The figure in the middle, with the eagle head, represents the U.S.A and how if we continue to have these issues, it will eventually lead to our demise and the destruction of what we believe in. The summer of 2016 was eventful due to the release of Pokemon Go from Nintendo and Niantic. However, there were also incidences of police brutality. When I asked what was the idea behind it all, Michael said it was to highlight the cultural phenomenon between police brutality and the development of Pokemon Go. In the piece you see many officers pointing their weapons with “flares” indicating that they hit something. When I watched the animated version, the three black characters at the bottom died, and this relates to police and how they would catch black suspects. The colors are very interesting as it is a very limited color palette that reflects the colors of the U.S.A; red, white and blue. This adds to the idea that this relates to our home and how we are treating it.



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