Visual Analysis // Hybrid 1


Visual Analysis // Hybrid 1 Suzy Gonzalez

By Ayla Fiala

Hybrid 1 is a screen print by Suzy Gonzalez. The piece is located to the left when you first walk into the gallery. The technique and variety of the lines that Gonzalez used are what first attracted me to the piece, and that it is so different than some of the others in the exhibit. At first, I saw a mix of neutral, almost sepia tones, along with black lines: and then the shapes started emerging. The first things I noticed were the woman’s face in the middle, the breasts, and the legs in stockings in the bottom right. As I started looking further, I realized that each of the images was very connected in that they are all body parts, many of them women’s body parts.

Much of Gonzalez’s work focuses on the depiction and sexualization of women and this piece is no exception. Her depiction of such disconnected (but also connected) body parts could be a commentary on the treatment of women in the Media. These abstract body parts represent how women are often depicted as parts of a being and are no more than a conglomeration of various parts. If you were to cut out parts of this image, it would almost seem normal (especially the legs in stockings). However, together these images are unsettling. Something that was particularly unsettling to me was that while most of the body parts are women’s body parts, the hand to the left of the breast seems like a man’s hand. This is unsettling to me because it is as though a man is grabbing onto these body parts. It furthers the idea that women are mere objects.


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