Michael Menchaca Visual Analysis

This piece is a screen print by Michael Menchaca called “Gotta Catch Em All.” It is displayed prominently in the gallery as it is the first piece you see when you walk inside.It pictures a man with an eagle head at the center surrounded by a mix of police with their guns drawn and symbols from the game “Pokemon Go.” What first drew me to the piece was the familiar image of a pokeball. I must admit I did partake in the Pokemon Go phenomenon this summer, and it was interesting to see such a recent fad that I actually had a connection to depicted in this piece. Once I looked closer, I started to appreciate how detailed and intricate the imagery really was. It is very elaborate and incorporates a good use of color and patterns. The artist had said during the presentation that his intentions in terms of theme/content were to capture the unique period of time during summer 2016 where people playing Pokemon Go were finding themselves encountering police brutality protests. It is an odd mix of technological advancement in the entertainment industry and a serious current national problem. It is essentially an ironic clash of virtual reality and actual reality.



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