Visual Analysis

This is a wooden painting installation piece by Michael Menchaca. This piece was made from pieces of wood as well as acrylic paint. It is suspended slightly away from the wall, and there are painted objects around it, such as yellow stars, and lines that create a sense of upward movement underneath this winged figure. Oftentimes, Michael Menchaca’s pieces deal with issues of oppression, but in a playful and bright way, which makes it more palatable for the viewer, and easier to understand. In this image, we see a head of a humanoid, with the skin represented by the wood color. The eyes are pupil-less though, and the figure has blue and green hair, as well as a beard that is blue. The rest of the figure points to a bird; with yellow talon-like feet, red wings, and textured lines that could almost be feathers. What drew me to this piece were all the bright, primary colors, and also the fact that is a wooden sculpture/painting. I also enjoy painting on wood in my own work. I like the whimsical feeling the piece has as well, and a sense of interpretation can be made in different ways by the viewer.


Emilee Laflamme


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