Visual Analysis

This piece has no name or artist attributed to it, but I believe it was one of the characters made by both Michael Menchaca and Suzy Gonzales.  It is painted directly onto the wall of the gallery and depicts a human like creature with a skull as the head.  In the gallery this piece fills a large area of white space on the wall and is used to draw attention to another piece by use of a third hand extending outward (see image below).  I was originally drawn to this piece because I enjoyed the character.  After looking more closely at the piece I saw how the intentional use of thick and thin lines come together to create depth in a simple, 2D figure.  The choice of color also makes the piece stand out.  A dark blue and bright green and red were used, these contrast well with one another but also make it stand out from the white wall.  From the talk before the exhibit, I believe that this is one of the characters that they made up together by drawing individually for a set time then switching to the others drawing for another amount of time.  Both artists are from Texas and have Latin American heritage and so I believe that the image may have some resemblance to the skulls from the holiday, Dia de los Muertos.  I believe that this piece is meant to show aspects of their heritage.



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