Visual Analysis // Hybrid 1

Gonzalez often uses an ecofeminism lens and underlines the treatment of beings based on race, gender, and species. One of her works, Hybrid 1, was positioned near the gallery doors and created through screen printing. It was printed in sepia and brownish tones. The piece shows a female figure made up of several body parts and objects. For instance, projecting from the core of the figure, are a pair of high heeled legs in stockings, a chicken wing, breasts, the uterus, hands, and skeletal parts. An hourglass makes up the bottom half of the feminine figure.

I was immediately drawn to the art piece because I could tell that the figure was female, but it was made up of very random objects. I was very curious about what these objects were and it took me several minutes to identify them. I think the intention was to show how women are sexualized and objectified in the eyes of others. They are not viewed as a whole, but separate parts. I think the contrast between the bare skin of the breasts/legs and the depiction of organs, skeletal bones, muscles beneath the skin show how men and women are similar in its basic makeup. I thought the presence of the hourglass hinted at the idea that women have a biological clock. Once they reach a certain point, a woman will obsess over having children, despite their own desires, opinions, and life experiences.


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