Assignment #2

Vanessa Fitzcordoba


One thought on “Assignment #2

  1. This image is a compilation of a painting and a film photograph, as well as digital designs added by Vanessa. The Image that inspired Vanessa for this project was a photo of Minerva Maribel, a Dominican rebel. Maribel spoke out against the Dominican dictator at the time and was eventually murdered for her opinions. Vanessa’s mother (who is also Dominican) would tell Vanessa stories about Maribel. Vanessa then decided to take the idea of someone speaking out about their views, and bring this non-digital image, and this incredible story into a digital context.

    Vanessa decided to combine the image of Maribel with Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. This decision was no accident. Vanessa decided to do this because both Van Gogh were unrecognized until after their time, and both of them were kind of outcasts until after their deaths. Both of these figures are now revered with great prestige and admiration.

    I really like the way Vanessa made such an interesting and complex starry really fun to look at. The colors and patterns of this image are really pleasing! While the colors of this image are really fun, this image also contains a lot of depth. As you keep looking at the image starts to feel somewhat heavier and you start to see the complexity. The swirling colors of the starry night in her brain seem to indicate swirling ideas and some turmoil. Her eyes also look very heavy and seem to be blank. Both o these elements really add something very interesting to the image. I also really enjoy how Vanessa put colors back into Maribel’s hair, eyes, and lips. I think it adds an interesting digital element to the traditional photograph.

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