Assignment #2

Recontextualized a 2D painting into a real world picture


2 thoughts on “Assignment #2

  1. This combines digital and non-digital by having an old mode of capturing a moment, a painting, mixed with a new mode to capture a moment, a photograph. The mix of digital and analog is very subtle so it creates a peaceful feeling of being on a boat on a relaxing day.


  2. This image combines digital and nondigital because the main photo is a digital photograph of the ocean waves and then over to the right of the image you can see what looks to be like a painted island and they did a great job of bringing the foreign image in and making it match the original photographs orientation and color. This image to me inspires creativity and childhood art because when I look at this image I think of a child at the playground playing pirates and he sees an island in the distance and that island happens to be in a painting form. It gives the feeling of exploration and associates with children’s books.


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