Assignment #2

— Kim Sun


3 thoughts on “Assignment #2

  1. This piece combines a famous old portrait of the woman with the pearl earring with modern day life and style. Her pearl earring was replaced with a hoop earring which came to style in the 80’s and so on. A hand holding an iPhone was added to the portrait with the same paint texture on the woman’s face. Modern day technology and style were morphed into an old painting to familiarize the situation and make it comical. This piece inspires humor and the combination of old with new style. In the fashion industry, many old trends are surfacing the waters again and coming back as something new. This piece reminded me of the regurgitation of fashion trends.


  2. This image combines Johannes Vermeer’s 1665 painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” with modern elements such as a smartphone and a hoop earring. Because the classical painting has been updated with present-day items, it gives off an entirely different feel than the original. The girl’s face, for example, appears to be reacting to something she saw on the phone. Apart from the oil painted visuals, she looks natural in this setting, as if the phone had been in the painting from the start.
    The gloss of the cellphone is juxtaposed by the rest of the piece, causing it to stand out in the picture much more than the updated earring.


  3. Kim combined the 17th century painting, ” The Girl with a Pearl Earring”, with a modern hand and a hoop earring instead of a pearl earring. She combined these elements seamlessly, layering the images over each other and giving the hand a oil filter to blend the content. The image is very successful at making a social comment. We can never be sure what an artist intended when making an image but it seems that Kim is commenting on the sometimes self-centered and superficial culture that exists. Instead of an onlooking artist capturing the girl in time, it seems that the girl is taking an image of herself with her phone. The replacement of the pearl earring with a hoop earring is a subtle element that viewers of the image will appreciate if they recognize the piece. It shows Kim’s attention to detail. It is a very intriguing piece that forces the artist to think about modern culture.


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