Assignment 2



One thought on “Assignment 2

  1. Big Bob’s World Domination
    The image combines an old painting of a monarch and a picture of the author’s cat. Monarchs at the time were very pompous and spoiled with money and jewelry. The author meant to use the painting as a metaphor for her cat’s diva-like complexions of disturbing birds and teasing the neighborhood dogs. I find this image very humorous and creative towards the author’s intention. I also thought that the addition of a book called “ world domination “ is interesting to both the cat and the monarch in this painting. Monarch’s wanted to use their powers to benefit not just their country or regime but their reputation and ego. Those words are interesting in terms of the cat because of the cats behavior and need for disturbance. Interestingly enough, cats in ancient Egypt were held in the highest esteem and were worshipped as goddess by pharaoh’s. One thing that I pointed out about this image is how well the cats head blends with hair of the king in the image.I think that the author did a great job with selecting and masking both the head of her cat and the book. The entire image has a natural vibe even with the additions that were made, making it quirky and cute.


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