CAG Gallery Assignment

As for a description of the work that was found to be most interesting to me was the 2D painting of the unique blue horse with a hairy leg that was sticking out of it. The painting seems to be done in acrylic paint. Unfortunately, the piece of art does not have a title nor does the art claim the piece of work so I can deduct that this art was worked on by Micheal Menchaca and Suzy Gonzales. There is not a title to this piece, however, I was able to come to the conclusion that this is most likely one of the characters that Micheal Menchaca and Suzy Gonzales have come up together by starting a drawing and switching every so often. The painting is beautifully painted right onto the wall letting the character live a part of the room rather than being contained by a frame. I was really taken by this piece not only from the smile that it brought to my face but by the fact that I was not able to recognize what this image was from the beginning. I had to take the time to step back and analyze the work. The reason being that the depiction of the horse character is somewhat illustration like with the huge nose and teeth that protrude out by having these exaggerated features making the viewer think more in depth. Adding to what else captured my attention was the colors that the artist had chosen: The dark blue and light almost neon green against the white wall makes the image jump right out at the viewer.


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