Gallery Piece Visual Analysis

This piece surprisingly stood out to me the most.  It is framed by a green painted border, and appears to be a print of two bulls facing away from each other. There is a box on either side of the bulls that contain strange symbols.  What originally drew me to this piece was the presentation of it.  I’m not really a fan of the color choice or design of the border.  It doesn’t seem to match the mood of the piece which made me less interested in it.  There were pieces at the exhibit that were much more saturated and colorful compared to this one. In terms of the artist’s intentions of the theme, I can’t exactly tell.  It seems to be a very dark and angry picture based off the intense red background.  However, I don’t personally understand what the piece is trying to convey to the audience. I believe it was developed with very strong craftsmanship, but would have possibly been slightly more interesting if the border was more eye-catching to the viewer.


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