Gonzalez & Menchaca

This piece is tilted Interactions 1 and is a screen print that was matted and framed to hang. It consists of a bunch of different characters and objects all in bright vibrant colors. It was the colors that initially drew me to the piece actually. At first from across the room, all it looks like is a jumbled mess of colors but as you get closer and really look at it you can see how much is really there. There are so many little details and characters that you notice more and more, all intertwined and connected to each other, creating one complete piece. The title and theme of this piece made me think about something Gonzalez and Menchaca talked about during their lecture. About how when they first started to collaborate they had to figure out how to work with another artist and started off just bouncing pieces between each other and seeing what happened. This looks like it could be an outcome of this type of experimentation, with each layer done by one artist and the next being built on top of it, responding to what is already there. I feel like the intentions behind this piece could just be the artists showing the process of working together and being able to be inspired by another artist.

Kaitlin Ford


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