Menchaca & Gonzalez Response

At Menchaca & Gonzalez’s exhibit, I found a piece titled “Interactions 1, 2016”. The piece was screen printed, framed and hung in the gallery space. What drew me to ‘Interactions 1’ was its scattered arrangement of creatures and forms, as well as its main use of bright primary and few secondary colors. Similar to Keith Haring’s work, the piece has a simple, humorous design. I believe that the artists Menchaca and Gonzalez intended to portray a variety of interactions and strange happenings (for instance, a man in a suit with an alligator as a pet- who is simultaneously kissing a turtle). These meetings between people, animals or invented creatures seem to highlight our diversity and our differences as a human species. Whether this is what the piece was intended to convey or not, I believe the piece is successful in drawing the viewer in because of its creative and fun approach. 


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