Sculpture of politics then x Politics now


One thought on “Recontextualize

  1. How does the image combine old and new and/or digital and nondigital?
    I think that this piece is both old to new and nondigital to digital. I feel this way because the Statue of Liberty is an old structure that has served the U.S. for a long while with the face of a woman who in the new world is being overcome with this new face of Trump himself. Both comical yet scary in the way that this represents his obsession with making the world an image of all his ideas and opinions. As for non digital to digital, a statue is built and not created for the web, there is no digital aspect to it except maybe the design was created online, but I don’t think the artist did that for this piece. As for the Trump face, that is something totally digital that alters it in terms of its no longer 100% that statue, it’s an add on. Lets hope that Trumps face isn’t carved on top any time in the future, but who knows.
    What kind of new ideas, feelings, or associations does this juxtaposition inspire?
    This image presents new ideas and feelings about how the world is changing. It has such a political statement that forces you into a political mindset even if you aren’t that kind of person. These ideas and feelings juxtapose the idea of our history in the United States and the current crisis in the United States, (yes I consider it a crisis).


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