Micheal Menchaca work portrays a unique spontaneous form of tribal and violent fragmentation of our society in modern times as well as a correlation to ancient civilizations. This specific piece of art caught my attention due to how unusual yet similar it felt once I studied it. Having grown up close to New York city; the recognizable piece allows me to make the connection to art painted on a white wall to graffiti on buildings and trucks. Though Menchaca’s ideology behind his art is specifically related to his heritage where he connects the history of his country and self identity to his work. In doing so this piece communicates a more metaphorical meaning, the red hand reaching out of the chest holds a piece of paper that indicates “some day a woman will be president” with many sad crying eyes. From this I assume the longing for change and the abandonment of stereotypical roles of the woman, embracing feminism and the possibility for change. The artist though still continues to connect to the past but intertwining the image of aztec gods and art with the modern.


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