Visual Analysis

This piece caught my direct attention as soon as I walked into the gallery. It is a screen print called, “Gotta Catch Em All” by Michael Menchaca. I think what caught my attention are the bright red and orange colors clashing against the bold blue and white. Then I had realized, that the colors represented America and the American Flag. At the center there is a figure with an eagle head who is under a row of and next to police officers who all are white males. In addition to the police officers with their guns, there are also many symbols from the game Pokemon Go, a game that was huge this passed summer but has recently died down. Throughout this piece there is a very good use of repetition and patterns. The colors also pop and make the figures stand out. The intention of this piece is to represent police brutality and how many American’s during summer 2016 were oblivious to it because everyone was so caught up with playing Pokemon Go. By using Pokemon Go references in his piece, he is bringing viewers a familiar sight while also incorporating a much bigger problem in today’s society. Many people today turn to technology to avoid the harsh reality around us. img_5555


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