Visual Analysis

The piece Shoots and Ladders 2014  by Michael Menchaca appears in the gallery to the left of the viewer when entering the CAG, There seem to be two beasts each one has a type of box beneath it. Half of it is a cut out piece of black paper on top of a red piece of paper, used with layers kind of like how photoshop works. There are shoots and ladders with cat like figures climbing or walking around if you look closely on the black piece of paper. There are also what seems to be water droplets falling which is also drawn on the black piece of paper in the same color as the ladders and the cats. Then there are some ladders with some target like points that were painted on the wall. The ladders are drawn crookedly and the targets are also not drawn perfectly.  The color scheme and the way the ladders are imperfect is what drew me to this piece because It gives me this cynical vibe and kind of uneasiness that makes me want to learn more about it. I think what Michael Menchaca wanted to do was to take this theme of shoots and ladders which was a game played as a kid and portray it into everyday life, and how all our our life decisions are kind of a shoot or a ladder, some will bring you up in life and others will put you back down. When looking at this piece you also feel like the two parallel monsters inside are entrapping controlling the rest of what is happening which I think might even be a symbol of government controlling how we are and how we think. I think this piece can be interpreted in many ways, however this is the way I interpreted this piece.


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