Flightless, 2014 Artist: Suzy Gonzalez

This piece was created by Suzy Gonzalez in inspiration of her lens as an ecofeminist, where she works to portray different treatments amongst race, gender and species as a whole.

This composition is called Flightless and I thing there is both obvious and conceptual reasons for this name. The body of this piece is a chicken body, chickens cannot fly far distances like say, a pigeon. But chickens are also a very marginalized animal group which I think leads back to the name of the piece, when you are marginalized you’re often stuck, flightless.

In a collage fashion I see human and chicken muscles, bones, veins. I see a face with no distinct facial structure, only eyes that look inhuman like almost, a mouth, and a nose. I see a chicken body, wings, feathers, texture. I see sharp cuts off where the chickens body is shifting to a humans body and a smoother transition from the chicken body to the chicken leg. The face has a lot less detail than other parts of the piece but it says so much about the loss of identity that comes along with not showing a lot of detail in a face. The eyes looking away and droopy create a cast of emptiness or numbness that we associate with feeling worthless. The feeling of worthlessness happens to people, places, and animals that are treated as if they’re worthless. Is the chicken running away from something, the wings look as if it’s trying to fly away but again, flightless is the common theme we continually see through out this piece.

This piece is made from menstrual blood from Gonzalez, when i first approached I thought that it was a water color piece because of how smooth and watered down the overall color looked. I then saw the tag that said its made from modeling paste and blood on paper. Why? Well my interpretation is that as humans we are easy to take a chicken and strip it from its skin and drain it of its blood, we are careless, its just a chicken? But what if you were taking from something that was equally human as it was chicken, fi the blood you took from it was human blood? Would we treat it better, as if it was worth something, teach it that it could fly if it wanted to, not just to get away from the hands of the humans murdering it?

This piece was in the very back corner away from the movement and the color in the room and I think that’s what drew me to it, much like a fly on the wall I enjoy to see it all even what many don’t take time to understand. The artist probably knew that this was much different from her partners work and even a lot of her own but the idea of using her own menstrual blood something that many would find repulsive to even put together with food makes it that much better. I feel as though her intentions were to do exactly as she wished, portray how like our menstrual blood, people don’t like to talk about animals being slaughtered, it makes them uncomfortable. But, if we only talked and made art that made us comfortable nothing would provoke emotion and the purpose of that piece is entirely the opposite, to provoke emotions and change the way people see chickens, and women.



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