Gallery Piece Analysis

The piece that stood out to me most in the gallery was the screen print “Gotta Catch Em’ All”, by Michael Menchaca. The first reason my eye was drawn to this piece is because it was centered in the far middle of the gallery on a white wall. The many colors of this screen print contrasted greatly with the white frame and white wall it was hung on. My first impression of this piece is that it was inspired by some kind of Aztec influence because of the geometric designs, vibrant colors, and siritual eagle references. I found it surprising and interesting that the artist chose to include Pokémon, police, and birds all in the same piece. After observing the piece I was later told that the true meaning behind this screen print was that in the summer time / in hot temperatures, police brutality increases among the minority, represented by the black abstract birds around the piece. Pokémon Go was also a large factor in the world this past summer which was grouped into this piece with police brutality. history ice cream.jpgimg_2188


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