Visual Analysis


Flightless by Suzy Gonzalez is a “painting” made of molding paste and blood. This piece stood out to me especially because of its alternative medium. During the artist talk, Gonzalez spoke of using menstrual blood to create some of her pieces, which really caught my attention. I think it is a key factor in the meaning behind this piece.

Gonzalez also spoke a lot about feminism and veganism. This piece stood out to me as the most representative of her view that feminism and veganism are heavily linked. Women in society are objectified, just as animals are (especially female animals). In this piece is a human-chicken hybrid that is very collaged. The collage-like effect is also connected to her feminist/veganism views that is is easier to objectify an  animal or person if only parts of them are viewed (the singular foot next to the chicken leg, and the individual human eyes and mouth). This disfigurement of both human and animal illustrate this objectification.

Lastly, the title “Flightless”, and the image of the chicken seemingly trying to fly, is another link between feminism and Veganism. Both the human and the animal are flightless, mostly due to society. Meat chickens are genetically modified, and fed with food that makes them grow more than twice the size of a normal chicken. They are no longer seen as an animal, but instead a product. Similarly, woman are oppressed by society, and become as “flightless” as a meat chicken, grounded by society and consumerism.



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