Assignment 2


2 thoughts on “Assignment 2

  1. This creation combines an old and very famous Japaniese print with the picture of a modern day surfer. I have seen this specific image of the waves hundereds of times so I was very quick to familiarize with it. I was also quick to notice that the action the human was that he was surfing on the printed wave. This create makes the situation very easy to understand what is going on. This piece inspires moving actions in a still print. The photo of the human adds an extra kick of life to the very outdated print. This could also inspire a logo on a T-shirt for a surfing company with humor.


  2. Zach incorporated the digital and nondigital world by photoshopping a surfer figure into Hokusai’s famous woodblock painting, “The Great Wave off Kanazawa.” The placement of the person was very well done and it has a sharp contrast against the intricately designed ocean landscape, with its rich palette of blue and brown tones. The audience can feel a sense of history and culture from Hokusai’s work, but it is not applicable to the photoshopped person. I think this juxtaposition inspires artists to appreciate more dated artwork and the techniques they created by hand.


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