『Winsland Lee』Cool Trick


The technique I used was to combine two images for a double exposure effect. Usually, this can be done in camera, but using this technique in photoshop lets you experiment with different photos. I don’t usually create double exposure photos, so I thought I would try something out of my comfort zone. I really like the effects you can create using this technique.

The process was very simple. First I had to find an image of a person against a white background because it makes isolating the subject easier. I used the Channels tab to selected the channel with the most contrast and duplicated that layer. I then applied a Levels adjustment to make it as dark as I can without messing with the background. I then painted black on that Channel layer to have a silhouette. I selected the new layer as a selection and duplicated the original photo of the girl to remove her from the white background. I imported my image of the landscape and created a mask based on the girl.

After that, I duplicated the layer of the girl and desaturated and turned down the opacity. I made a mask to only show the facial features and hand. I colored the background a neutral blue tone and duplicated the landscape and applied a gaussian blur @ 250.0 pixels. I created a mask of the blurred layer to cause a haloing effect on the layers.


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