Photoshop Trick

This is an image of my favorite actress, Gina Rodriguez that I have transformed into an old comic themed image. This was the starting image: full-hd-gina-rodriguez-pics-photos.jpg

I started by cropping the image to get rid of some of the sides. Next, I adjusted the levels to get a very saturated image. Then, I added a “film grain” filter.

After that, after duplicating the original layer,I went to Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone, which gave the dotted effect. The color halftone was on “Color Burn” Then I put a stroke on the filter.

I then put a white stroke on the entire image to give it the border.

Next, I drew three boxes on three new layers, did an orange-yellow gradient in the top one and a white in the bottom two. I did a 6 px stroke on each box. I then used a font called Digital Strip to create the words, I made a stroke on the G in Gina, and changed the color to red.

Select the entire image (without the white border) in a new layer and go to edit> stroke, and add a black outline to the photo. Go to filter > blur > blur more. Then, filter > distort > ripple. I added a small ripple effect to make the black outline look jagged.

Finally, I added some black lines for effect and used a paintbrush to enhance the white highlights on her face and pink on her cheeks.

Tutorial here:

That’s it!





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