Lomograph: Vintage Photo

Link to tutorial: http://photoshoproadmap.com/video-tutorials/yt/69aVpRcFOfE/

So, for my “cool trick,” I found a tutorial that showed you how to make a perfectly “new” image appear vintage, and it also included a link to a website where you could download cool paper to overlay on your photos to make it seem like a real crumpled up old image. For my image I used the paper but turned the opacity down because I didn’t like how it made it look, but it looked good on their image.

There was a lot of steps to this process… there were… a lot… of layers. I had to change the red, green, and blue curves so that it made the photo look aged due to chemicals changing over time. Then I laid a layer on top of that, that was magenta because the image needed more of a pinker tone to it. I then did a vignette around the image by creating a clipping mask and painting with a paintbrush and turning the opacity down. Then I used the brush tool on a soft brush and made dots that looks like light leaks and made it have a Linear Dodge filter.

I chose this tutorial because it is relevant to some things we’ve been doing in class for example the ghostly photos, and then more recently the idea of obsolescence, which old photography like film is being forgotten about as newer cameras and printing techniques come about. I also just really enjoy the aesthetic that comes with old photographs and how thing like light leaks can be accidental and purposeful.



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