Photoshop Cool Trick – Mosaic


The image that I created is a mosaic of my face using my roommates photos. In order to create this, I had to first start off with the main image which was my face and crop it into a square. Then I took photos of my roommates and and placed them in a 100×100 photo and flattened the image as well as desaturate it. I then generated a pattern out of that 100×100 photo of my roommates. I went back to the main image of my head and added a new layer that I filled with the pattern I had previously created of my roommates and then applied a overlay effect to that layer, which gave me the image you’re seeing now. I was interested in learning how to do this because I had previously saw a portrait of Obama made out of many photos of people which represented diversity and I thought it was interesting and I wanted to create a smaller scaled photo.

Something similar to the Obama photo that inspired me to create this mosaic.

Mosaic, Fill a Photo with More Photos in Photoshop

I also created one of Steve Jobs out of iMacs and iPhones



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