Project 1


For this project I created a GIF that was inspired by the obsolete project GIF I made of the giving tree. I really liked how the apples moved around the tree and I wanted to play around with the idea of foreground and background yet still incorporate something obsolete. At first, I had the sun bouncing around throughout the sky, but it didn’t really look very well put together so I decided to change the bouncing suns to a cycle of day time and night time.

By changing the hue/saturation I was able to change the colors of the sky that resembles some sort of sunset/sunrise. I used levels and curves to have the pavement of the road and also the man’s outfit correlate more together. I put the man walking away first to give the emotion of actually being and feeling obsolete. Then, I added in an old Volkswagen bus that comes from the distance towards you. I was inspired to make both of these things go towards the distance and away from the distance by the exam we took last Thursday with the cat on the spider. I really loved how much depth it gives the project.


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