Rejuvenating the Obsolete

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I started this project with no intentions of what it ended up being which I’ve found is common when starting something. I went into this project knowing I wanted to use my own photos and the photos I did use are located above in a slide show. These images have a lot of conceptual and literal meaning to me that you’d only know if I explained it. 

The mirror in these photos was a purchase I made in my home town at a consignment store called “Mine.” I had only been in this store once before and never talked to the owner. This time was different, I saw this mirror and feel in love with the border and the odd curve that happens at the top. I brought it to the register and the owner, a man, asked me what I was going to do with it, I told him my story. The short version is that I am a photographer who one day hopes to have the privilege of traveling the world capturing moments that will be published through National Geographic. He was amazed and told me about him son who has connections with National Geographic and the conversation continued. Before I left he made me promise that I’d keep this mirror and use it in many of my photos until I became “famous.” I agreed.

Now… for the reason I chose to not even include the mirror in the gif?

I use that as a symbol of my connection to it. You can’t see it and you can’t understand it unless I tell you or show you, I’m in control. I would never present this gif without the images to go along side because it makes the question formulate of why I didn’t make the focus the reflection. When Ironically it’s a reflection of a connection. 

I edited the photos in this way because I wanted to go along with a previous project where we had to find a new way to manipulate our photos, so I edited the photos the same each time, same settings for every one of them. Some settings look better with other photos but the goal was not to make them look pretty. Old images don’t necessarily always look pretty, it’s about the surprise that comes with aging. So, since I was using a design program to create this effect that happens naturally in the world I wanted to make it as if I wasn’t as much in control because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out until the very end. 

This is why I call it “Rejuvenating the Obsolete,” I’m modernizing something, (the old film antique quality) and yet I’m still doing an act that is obsolete when you wrap your mind round it. People don’t often do things for the surprise, and as an artist I’ve learned that actually the best things come from this work ethic. What better way to create art than modernize an obsolete idea while at the same time creating it with an obsolete tactic. 

*Megan Scholtz*


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