Project 1 // Photoshop



For this project, I was inspired by the Obsolete Assignment. I liked my general idea about how communication has changed the way we communicate. For this project, I wanted to do something with how technology has changed the way we think, and also deal with the idea od addiction to technology. For these Gifs, I decided to take the idea of ‘information overload’ and ‘technology addiction’ and apply it to how it can make our ideas obsolete.

With so much technology around us, it is often that we feel overloaded with information. For me, sometimes it makes my brain feel like it’s melting and making all of my ideas and thoughts I would have had (without technology) obsolete.

To create these images, I photographed myself with and started editing from there. It was challenging to make the “melting” look convincing. I wanted to play with colors and keep the image as flat as possible because I feel like it adds to the idea of being “brain dead from technology”.



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