assignment 4

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2 thoughts on “assignment 4

  1. I think that this was a really neat way to portray suicide rate stats by using the shape of a skull. The skull is small and located in the bottom of the piece and leaves a lot of black negative space. I think by choosing to size and place the skull like that it really gives the infographic a creepy and more eerie effect which highlights the seriousness of the topic. The font is a little small but I think that it just forces you to take a closer look at the piece. I think overall it was a simple design that worked extremely well in this setting.


  2. I think this graphic works best because of how it immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and expresses the information in a standard measure. The white on black is thematically interesting and matches the tone of the information that is being spread, and the simplicity gets the point across without introducing unnecessary details. My one suggestion is that the rounded text be rotated slightly so there are fewer upside down characters, which can be difficult to read.


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