4 thoughts on “Infographic

  1. I think it was really cool how Kaitlin shaded the bun and meat of the burger to give it texture rather than just leave it one color, and it also looks much more interesting that the pieces aren’t all touching, because it gives an analytic effect, showing the process of “breaking down” the facts. I think out of all of her sketches, the method that she chose works really well because it shows that the problem with obesity is the food, not the people.


  2. I think that this info graph is successful because it is right to the point. The image isn’t cluttered and its very organized and I feel like info graphs need to be this way in order to be clear to the reader. Just like when you create an ad, you don’t clutter it all with every bit of information you can because then its overwhelming. I think this piece is very balanced and the image of the burger is also successful in the way that the shadows were represented to create more depth. Very clever idea to use the different parts of a burger as your marker points I guess you could call them?


  3. I think you did a really good job presenting the information in an interesting and compelling way. I like how the burger is separated in pieces and how the facts seem to be “sandwiched” between the layers of the burger. I also really enjoy your use of color and contrast. The colors you chose really enhance the text and shapes within this piece. Adding the arrows was also a good decision because it helps me read the information clearly, while still bringing me back to the burger.


  4. The way that Kaitlin separated the burger is what makes it successful. It is to the point by layering each of the facts. I really love the way that she added texture to all of the different parts of the burger just by simply changing the color, it gives it a sense of depth and animation. With the layers of the burger separated, it enables the statistics to really pop out.


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