2 thoughts on “Infographic

  1. I really like the color choices for this infographic because the blue makes the orange text stand out. The dark blue circle around the people is a nice touch because it is the universal symbol for diabetes.

    I kind of wish the row of light blue figures in the statistics were the same size as the dark blue figure. I think the yellow circles could have been yellow to stick with the overall theme of the infographic. Most of the text seems to be around the same size, so I think playing with font weight and placement would be successful.

    Overall, I think the infographic is successful because it gives a lot of information in a small area and it is visually appealing to the viewer.


  2. Although the overall outcome of this does not define as a graph, the use of the graph’s within the flyer were used very effectively. The bold dark blue lettering grabs my eye’s attention and compliments well with the yellow. The graph’s used above make it very easy for me to filter information through complimenting and simple shapes. I like how you illustrated “1 out of 11” in the top lefthand corner. I also really enjoy the use of the 50% higher death-risk chart. Each color is placed strategically next to another color that makes it stand out.


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