Planned Parenthood Services Infographic



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3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Services Infographic

  1. I really like Chelsea’s infographic. Its a very relevant topic in todays world and the informations shown here needs to be more prevalent. I like the idea that she took, with the information making up the doctors head piece and making it look like the light reflecting. Its a cool take on a regular pie chart. I also think the gradient in the background is a nice subtle touch, just because I always struggle to figure out what to do in the background myself and this one works well.


  2. I really like the unique approach to the pie chart by using the piece of metal on the doctor’s head to contain the information. By showing a doctor to contain all of the information, it also helps to decrease the stigma that planned parenthood being some evil corporation that takes lives, but instead helps people. The demographic also shows how few abortions really are performed at planned parenthood, and displays what other healthcare options they provide for women.


  3. This demographic displays a nurse at a planned parenthood clinic. Panned parenthood being a widely debated idea is correlated with the idea of abortion. Especially connected with the recent election president trump degrades women’s rights for abortion and critiques planned parenthood facilities. However this exhibits many other vital attributes the planned parenthood system provides in an interesting way of integrating it into the head band of a nurse. The background shows a calm approach to the topic because of the ease of the colors. The idea is fresh and unique since the way it was graphed is unlike any I have seen. The overall illustration is eyeopening and well executed.


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