Assignment 6

Quote: ” The sun that rises is the color of steel. His mounted shadow falls for miles before him. He wears on his head a hat he’s made from leaves and they have dried and cracked in the sun and he looks like a raggedy man wandered from some garden where he’d used to frightened birds.” ~ Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

Artist: Dura Hana


~Megan Scholtz~


One thought on “Assignment 6

  1. This is a really beautiful “painting” and I see a lot of the Dura Hana in it. I love the colors Megan chose. I peach and “steel” color contrast in saturation, making it more interesting. I really like how Megan took a painting she made, similar to Hana’s style, and transformed in in illustrator to make it more visually interesting, while maintaining a similar style to the artist that was chosen for her. The quote is also well represented, as the painting resembles a sunset, and also has a mysterious feeling, similar to how the quote makes me feel. As far as improvements, I would say just to have more confidence in yourself and your ideas! 😉


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