Assignment #6

Picasso's Women“The sun that rises is the color of steel. His mounted shadow falls for miles before him. He wears on his head a hat he’s made from leaves and they have dried and cracked in the sun and he looks like a raggedy man wandered from some garden where he’d used to frighten birds.” — Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

–Kim Sun


One thought on “Assignment #6

  1. For this piece Kim was assigned the color “steel” and the work of art “Women” by Picasso. Kim drew a very strong palette from “steel” from the cool blues of freshly cut steel to the muted grays of scrap steel. This steel influence in her work is hinted at by the pattern on the women’s shirt which is reminiscent of the pattern on plate steel. Her work greatly mirrors that of picasso’s from the use of geometric shapes to the different shaped eyes. Over all this is a very strong piece.


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