Assignment 6


Todd Hido

“As I looked about me I felt that the grass was the country, as the water is the sea. The red of the grass made all the great prairie the colour of winestains, or of certain seaweeds when they are first washed up.”


2 thoughts on “Assignment 6

  1. I really like Alisa’s work. I can tell exactly what influence is, Todd Hido through the use of the lights coming from the windows, I think that is a really strong part of the composition. What is really successful is the use of shadows and lights that create the cabin and it makes it really dimensional. The color is clearly red which is shown through the grass and also in the quote, I also enjoy how the the trees are also red. I think that what could be improved is that the quote also talks about motion and this composition seems very still.


  2. Strength of the image: I think that the strength is really how similar this piece is to Todd Hido’s work. Hido’s art is definitely eerie and this picture really projects that feeling similarly. I love how the grass being red isn’t an odd thing for the image where as typically it’d be something obvious and made for a purpose, but here it’s more like a cast of color shown down by something bigger. I’m not really intimidated by this image but more intrigued to look further at it because of the light coming from the house. I want to go inside and see why so much light is peering from within such small house that looks like a cabin in the middle of the woods? How does a cabin in the middle of the woods produce so much light, aliens. Aliens is all I can come up with.
    As for things that could’ve been changed or weaknesses, I can’t really find any and that’s not just because you’re my friend its because everything looks very thought out and was produced well. I like how this image uses the technique of creating one light source that we learned in class a few weeks ago and you did it perfectly. I really don’t have any constructive criticisms towards this piece… unfortunately, because that’s obviously the best part about critiques. (;


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