Cool Trick: Illustrator

This technique is based off of Andy Warhol’s pop art portraits.

I was interested in doing this because ever since freshman year of high school I’ve been obsessed with the controversy and odd ball that Warhol has been surrounded in. I also thought that it’d be interesting to test myself with this tutorial because it is pretty complicated and I’m not the best at illustrator.

For the tutorial I had to start in photoshop so I could delete the background of this woman and also make it so her hair is still beautiful and not choppy (thank you refine edge). I then brought it into illustrator and used image trace to turn it black and white and simplify the image into a few shapes. Then from there I deleted all of the white spaces so I only had the black outlines/shapes. To create more detail I used a charcoal brush to go in and add more details to the lips/eyes because image tracing can often take away things that you wanted on accident. I then created shapes with the pen tool and filled them with colors to add the pops of color that fall behind the bold black lines/shapes.

In the tutorial they create three other images with different colors but the tutorial got really confusing and complicated. I could not figure out how to create these different panels so I just decided to keep the one and I think it is successful in and of itself.–vector-8336


** Megan Scholtz **


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