April 4th: AE Cool Trick Post

Joseph Delappe lecture

Check out this review of Delappe’s “America’s Army”.

Due to the Joseph Delappe lecture that is occurring today in the Dodd Research Center konover auditorium we are doing things a bit out of order.

Even though we have one boot camp left, which will cover 3D and lighting, I am going to assign you a cool trick post today. Instruction are below.

Anyone in the evening class who is able to make it to the lecture is highly encouraged to go. The lecture is from 530 to 7. Because of the lecture I might arrive a little late to the classroom. You should start your Cool Trick Post if that is the case. We will review assignments after I return. 

After Effects Cool Trick! Post

Research an After Effects technique and then use the skill that you learned to create a short ten second or more video in After Effects. Export your video, create a vimeo or youtube account, post the video to that account, and then create a post on the class blog that links to your Cool Trick video.

It should not be exactly the same as the video used in the tutorial, but rather you should take the technique and apply it to your own video (perhaps use one of your AE assignments)

Your blog post should explain the technique you used, and why you were interested in learning the technique.

Due before next class (Thursday April 6)