Feb 16th: Boot Camp #1 Assignment #4

Boot Camp #1

Create the following thing using shapes inside Illustrator:


And this thing:


(Pen tool and Shapes Practice) Copy a logo inside Illustrator and then distort it to create your own image (Don’t copy what’s below. It’s an example)



First off, the pen tool is hard, here is a review if you need it


Here are the basics of shapes

Another place to learn about shape tools

How to round the corners of rectangles

read this to find out about the pencil tool

and this to learn about the line tool

Also, go here and learn about rotating and reflecting objects

And don’t forget that all of these things are built on paths, so you can use your pen tool, and your direct selection tool to add, delete, or alter anchor points

Also, here is info on the Appearance Panel


this link is a video that covers the basics of type

Assignment #4, due February 21st, Infographic


A full write up on W.E.B Du Bois’ infographics


Photographic images and infographics


The idea for this assignment is to find information about an issue that you care about and express that information in an innovative form

Step 1: Research an issue that is important to you and find a set of data, whether it be dates, statistics, relationships, etc, that you find surprising/interesting and that you think other people might be surprised by. Make sure to take notes, and that your sources is reputable. Write down author, source, and see if you can corroborate the information with a second source.

Step 2: Move yourself away from the computer, and find some paper to draw on and some drawing utensils. Sketch out at least four different forms (these can be shapes, symbols, objects, scene)that function as a metaphor for this information. These sketches shouldn’t be pie charts, bar charts, or other familiar graphing forms.

Step 3: Integrate your information into the form that you think will be the most effective.

Step 4: Post your sources, your sketches, and your final infographic on the website