Feb 23: Illustrator Bootcamp #3, Assignment #5

Boot Camp #3

1. Make the following image using This picture from National Geographic (Hint: You should edit in Photoshop first, and then finish in Illustrator)


2. Make this, Using this drawing by David Sibley (You should alter the image in Photoshop before bringing it in to Illustrator)



Place vs Open


Blob Brush and Eraser

Live Paint

this tutorial will show you how to trace drawings that you have scanned or taken photographs of (rasterized images)

this tutorial will show you how to transform photographs into vector objects inside illustrator

In-Class Assignment

Describe your mom, grandmother, aunt, or other family member of different generation to your partner. Ask your partner to describe theirs. Draw a picture of partners family member in illustrator, without using any photographic aids.


Assignment #5, Portraiture/Character Development, Due Feb 28th

Take the sketch you created of your classmates family member and develop it further in order to create a portrait you are happy with.

Combine it with one of the following famous paintings. You should not copy the famous paintings entirely, but borrow things from it, for example, the composition, the props, clothing, color, style, etc. The resulting image should be a mash-up of your original sketch and the painting.

Set your Artboard to 13×19 (or something thereabouts) and export the image as a jpeg that you can share with the class. You should upload it to the blog, but also bring a higher res image that we can look at on the projector.

Fernando Botero's work titled "A Family"

Fernando Botero’s work titled ”A Family’


Rogier van der Weyden, Man with Book (c. 1450)


The Kiss – 1907-08 Osterreichische Galerie – Vienna – Austria


Feng Zhengjie Chinese Portrait L Series 2006 No.10 2006


Kurt (1995) by Elizabeth Peyton


Alex Katz, ada with bathing cap, 1982


Kehinde Wiley Anthony of Padua, 2013


Frida Kahlo: Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair. 1940. Oil on canvas, 15 3/4 x 11″


Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Bonito Parrot and Butterfly


Jocelyn Hobbie