February 9th: Photoshop Exam


1. Using the photographs in your folder, create the following GIF. Try to match it exactly, except instead of MASTER write your own name. Make sure that it’s a size that will work on WordPress and that it loops and post it on the website.


Save the following two images with all their layers and masks as .psd files and send to me via retransfer. I CANT ACCESS MY UCONN EMAIL RIGHT NOW SO PLEASE SEND FILES TO siobhan.landry@gmail.com

2. Using the photographs in your folder, create the following image, BUT WITH A DIFFERENT COLOR TSHIRT. Save it as a PSD and send it to me via wetransfer.


3. Use color correction techniques to make the photograph I sent you match this one. makeme3_2.jpg


Send me an email, at siobhan.landry@gmail.com with the correct answers to the following questions:

1.Which of the following extensions is an example of a lossy file format?

a. gif

b. .jpeg

c. .NEF

d. tiff

2. Which of the following formats can retain photoshop layers?

a. .psd

b. .tiff

c. .pdf

d. .psd and .tiff

3. If your image is too red which of the following colors should you add in to color correct your image?

a. magenta

b. blue

c. yellow

d. cyan

4. How many colors are in 8-Bit images?

a. 5

b. 100

c. 246

d. 16.8 million

5. How many colors are in 16-Bit images?

a. 256

b. 16.8 million

c. 281 trillion

6. Which of the following is the correct color space for the web?

a. Adobe RGB

b. ProPhoto RGB

c. 8-bit

d. sRGB

7. Which of the following is true of a rasterized image?

a. it uses math to draw shapes using points, lines and curves

b. is infinitely scalable

c. has a smaller file size than vector images

d. has rich detail but become blurry when enlarged