Grading Rubric for Projects

1) Make sure that your project brings one of your assignments to the next level. This could mean expanding it, or using the same concept but starting from scratch. Make sure that your concept and execution are as strong as they can be.

2) The Grading Rubric for Project includes all of the principle for assignments:

Inspiration includes the following: Were you excited about what you did?  Did you explore various aspects of the assignment? Did you let your discoveries lead you to further explorations? Did you address the assignment? Do your weekly assignments indicate that you gave thought to the assignment or just went through the motions?

Execution includes the following: Did it work? Is the relationship between your approach and the assignment clear? Are others able to understand this relationship? Do the parts work together to form a whole? Are there parts that strengthen or weaken the overall effect? Do you see these relationships? And try to manipulate them toward a specific end?

Craft includes: Working towards a recognition and creation of a quality product.

Promptness means that you turn the assignment in on time unless prior arrangements have been made. (Every class session an assignment or project is late it loses one letter grade.)

3) As well as the following:

Presentation: Was the project shown to the class in a form that makes sense? For example, does it seem like something that could be shown as part of a portfolio or submitted to a show.

If you are creating a series of images, you should have at least three and they should be printed at DASL. If you are producing a GIF or some other format meant for the internet, you should post that thing somewhere- for example, on your own website, on social media, etc, and write a blog post with a description and link to your project.