Jan 31st: Boot Camp #4, Snow day

Post Assignment #2 and Gonzales/Menchaca visual anaylsis

First things first, make sure to post Assignment #2 on the blog, as well as your visual analysis of a piece from the Suzy Gonzales and Michael Menchaca show. I will check these first thing tomorrow morning, and you’ll lose credit if they aren’t on the blog

Tutorials that will help you with the Boot Camp

Read this info about Gradients

Read this info about Blend Modes

Or watch this video about Blend Modes

Clone Stamping

Watch the following special effects tutorials that use gradients and blend modes

How to create a beam of light

How to turn a photograph from day to night

Using clipping masks with text

Boot Camp #4

Make this using the photograph of the tree (Don’t worry about using the same font):


Create the following image using gradients inside Photoshop:


Create the following image using the photo of the dog and the house:


Retouch this photo using the clone stamp:


An adolescent boy pointing at a pimple on his chin and grimacing