March 30th: Boot Camp #3, Assignment #8

Boot Camp #3

With your partner, video two shots of one person.  It will be easier for the image to look seamless if the camera doesn’t move. Then bring both shots into After Effects and composite them together.


This video is a good review of masks

What does sound look like?

Sound Waves


Assignment #8 due April 4th

For this assignment first create a 30 second to 45 second sound edit in Premiere. This could be either a combination of multiple sound files or one sound file, but it should not be a song (although if there is music playing in the environment that is okay).

Then export that file as a .wav file and bring it into After effects. Listen to the tone and mood of the sound. What color and shape would it be? How would it move? Create imagery in Photoshop and/or Illustrator or draw shapes directly into After Effects. Animate your layers to the beat of the sound. This piece should not tell a story but should instead focus on rhythm and movement.

Examples of work

Devin Menge

Marco Wong

Scape Time Excerpt

How to edit sound in Premiere

Editing Sound in Premiere

This link goes through how to set up a project

And this link goes over exporting audio

How to work with sound in After Effects

If you have already imported sound into your project, you probably noticed that the sound doesn’t always play when you hit the space bar to view your work. You might have also noticed, that if you hit the preview button in your Preview panel, that you are able to hear sound, but that it takes your computer awhile to load

This link gives you a couple of tips on different ways to preview your audio. Also, remember that if you toggle open the layer that has audio, you can toggle open your Audio, and then your waveform.

In Class Assignment

Download two sounds files from, edit them together into a 30 second clip in Premiere, export them as a .wav file, bring that .wav files into AE, create shapes using the shape tool and/or pen tool and animate the shapes so that they work with the sound.