March 7th: Assignment Peer Review, Cool Trick Blog Post

In class review of Assignment #6

1) Share your projects in your groups

2) Choose one persons project get an image from them and write a blog post about their approach, the strengths of the image, and room for growth.

Project #2 is due March 23rd

The grading rubric for the project has been posted here

For prices, file specifications, hours, and other things about DASL go here


In Class Blog Post: Illustrator Cool Trick! 

Research an Illustrator technique that we have not covered in class and then use the skill that you learned to create an image in Illustrator.

It should not be the same as the image used in the tutorial, but rather you should take the technique and apply it to your own image.

Once you have completed your image, create a blog post that explains the technique you used, and why you were interested in learning the technique. Your image should be the featured image, and the post should include the video tutorial or web page where you learned the technique.